Hello, I'm Naomi

I am an Intuitive Artist

Biography: Initially Naomi began painting to release stress and slowdown in life. From the first time Naomi started painting in 2006 and studying with Toronto abstract intuitive artist Nathalie Vachon, Naomi was hooked. Quickly her own style began emerging and her love of trees, hills and Tuscany landscapes emerged on the canvas as her signature style. Naomi has been participating in Art Exhibits in Toronto, Canada and she has been selling her art locally since 2008.  

Artist Statement: I work primarily in acrylic and oils because I love the fluidity and vibrancy of the colours. My theme is generally landscapes and usually trees with hills or mountains. I fell in love with the hills in Tuscany and dream about returning there. Often my work is described as calm, peaceful and inviting. I find peace in sketching and painting and look forward to the time when I can do this full time.