Hills with Orange Sky - Acrylic on Canvas - June 2014 - 12x16 - Image 21449It’s been a busy year! As a project manager, I managed two large implementations and all the paperwork that goes along with it. I was able to take some time off and spend ten glorious days in Provence, France. I traveled with a group of six wonderful women and had a fabulous time. I was greatly inspired by the beautiful scenery, delicious food and good wine. I will be creating new pieces based on my experience in France.

This coming year will be even more exciting as I travel to Australia with four wonderful women. I am looking forward to new and amazing experiences as well as the opportunity to see and be inspired by the beautiful landscapes and wonderful friends. I’ve been dreaming of going to Australia since I was a little girl. Dreams do come true as long as you stay inspired and keep working towards them.

Have a browse in my online art gallery and be sure to look at my Recent work. I’ve been inspired to take a different approach to my painting and would love your feedback.

Live life to the fullest!