With a new website comes new experiences and the requirement to write my first blog. Not having done this before, I am not sure what to write, so please bear with me and I hope I don’t bore you. I first started painting in 2006 when someone suggested it out as a way of handling stress. I was going through a lot of stress at work and wasn’t taking time to play. Well, the art class was not too far away and I liked the artist’s work, so off I went for a few hours per week, over a five week period and painted for probably the first time in my life. The encouragement I received from the teacher as well as other participants and my family was fantastic. It gave me the courage to continue for the next set of classes and I have been painting ever since. I have since painted on my own as well as during the classes and enjoy my time immensely. Sketching and painting allows me to get out of my head and be present to what I’m doing, which is definitely not work related.